Wedding Shower Treats

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Wedding Shower Treats

Last year, my sister married the man of her dreams. To celebrate her impending nuptials, I hosted a wedding shower for her. Because all of our family gatherings include delicious foods, I prepared a few dishes for this special event. I served sausage balls, chicken salad, corn flake candy, wedding cookies, red velvet cake, and citrus punch at the wedding shower. Red velvet cake is my sister’s favorite dessert, so I was the one who baked a tall, moist, and scrumptious one for her. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best treats to serve at events like wedding showers. Enjoy!


How Food Distributors Contribute to Sustainable Food Systems

Food distributors play a crucial part in the global food supply chain, bridging the gap between producers and consumers. Their role extends beyond mere logistics and transportation; they are instrumental in shaping sustainable food systems. This blog explores the significant ways food distributors contribute to sustainability in the food industry. Food Distributors as Sustainability Advocates Food distributors are uniquely positioned to advocate for sustainable practices within the food industry. By choosing to work with farmers and producers who adhere to environmentally friendly methods, they can promote the consumption of sustainably produced goods. Read More