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Wedding Shower Treats

Last year, my sister married the man of her dreams. To celebrate her impending nuptials, I hosted a wedding shower for her. Because all of our family gatherings include delicious foods, I prepared a few dishes for this special event. I served sausage balls, chicken salad, corn flake candy, wedding cookies, red velvet cake, and citrus punch at the wedding shower. Red velvet cake is my sister’s favorite dessert, so I was the one who baked a tall, moist, and scrumptious one for her. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best treats to serve at events like wedding showers. Enjoy!


Keeping Food Safe When Hosting An Outdoor Party

If you plan on hosting an outdoor party this summer, you are most likely going to be serving food to your guests at some point of the duration of the event. It is extremely important to take special care in the handling of food when dealing with summertime temperatures and the risk of insects. Serving food without taking precautions in its safety can lead to unnecessary illness. Here are some tips to use when hosting a summertime party to help keep the food you serve safe for consumption.

Check Food Temperature And Watch Serving Duration

Cold foods should remain below 40° F. Cooked foods should be served above 140° F. Food between these temperatures are at risk for bacteria, leading to food borne illness as a result. It is very important to keep any perishable food on ice while waiting to serve it to guests. Keep food out no longer than two hours. If the temperature is above 90° F, food should not be left out for more than an hour to reduce the chance of bacteria from becoming present. Keep in mind the amount of time it takes to prepare the food and include this in the duration to keep guests safe.

Take Steps To Keep Insects From Becoming A Problem

To help keep insects from landing on food, light a few citronella candles in the area where you plan on serving guests. Keep food covered and allow guests to lift the covers to serve themselves. This will help keep insects from landing in containers of food, contaminating it as a result.

Consider Hiring A Catering Company To Tend To The Task

Hiring a catering company to handle food preparation and display is a great way to ensure food is safely cooked and presented to guests. These companies use temperature control tools to check their cooked products, in addition to having insulated coolers and plenty of ice on hand to take care of cooler foods. Some catering companies will also provide dinnerware and silverware to use. If they do not, provide guests with disposable plates, forks, knifes, and spoons, as they will not have bacteria remnants left behind on their surfaces. 

The catering company--like Marians Island Wide Catering--will take the proper steps in avoiding cross-contamination, will serve your guests, and will present the food in a festive manner. This will give you added time to tend to other aspects of your party instead of worrying about serving guests. They will also take care of all clean-up work after your party is completed, allowing you time to say your farewells to guests instead.