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Wedding Shower Treats

Last year, my sister married the man of her dreams. To celebrate her impending nuptials, I hosted a wedding shower for her. Because all of our family gatherings include delicious foods, I prepared a few dishes for this special event. I served sausage balls, chicken salad, corn flake candy, wedding cookies, red velvet cake, and citrus punch at the wedding shower. Red velvet cake is my sister’s favorite dessert, so I was the one who baked a tall, moist, and scrumptious one for her. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best treats to serve at events like wedding showers. Enjoy!


Tips For Cutting Pizza Calories

If pizza is one of your favorite meals, you might have a hard time sticking to your diet. After all, each slice of pizza tends to have a lot of calories, sodium, and fat. Fortunately, you don't have to avoid your favorite food completing. You can cut the calories on your pizza by following these tips.

Opt for Thin Crust

Unfortunately, a lot of the empty calories found in pizza come from the dough. Many pizzas are made using refined white flour. Not only does this add unnecessary calories to your pizza, it can increase the insulin levels in your body so that you crave more similar foods such as white bread. So, when it comes to crust, think thin. Ordering pan-style crust adds a whopping 100 calories per slice on average. Additionally, if you need a little extra fiber in your diet, consider ordering a pizza with whole wheat crust.

Skip the Cheese

On average, a slice of cheese pizza contains approximately 272 calories. However, there are several ways that you can reduce this amount. If you want pizza with the least amount of calories, skip the cheese completely. This drops the amount of calories you're consuming down to around 148 calories per slice — adding a tablespoon of parmesan to your slice gives you the flavor of cheese with only 22 additional calories. If the cheese is your favorite part of the pizza, try asking your favorite pizzeria to use half the normal amount of cheese or top your pizza with reduced fat cheese.

Choose Your Toppings Wisely

Veggie pizza is always going to have less calories than pizza with meat toppings. If you can't fathom the idea of ordering a pizza without meat, choose lean meats such as ground turkey or chicken. However, most of the time, when you want a low-calories pizza, you're better off loading your pizza with veggies. Just make sure it's fresh veggies, such as peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, and onions, not veggies that have been through the fryer.

Ordering a low-calorie pizza isn't as difficult as you might think. There are plenty of healthy pizza ingredients available. You just need to combine the healthy ingredients to create a pizza with less calories so that you can enjoy a slice of pizza while you're dieting. By taking each ingredient into consideration when you order, it's easier to avoid adding high-calorie ingredients to your pizza.

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