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Wedding Shower Treats

Last year, my sister married the man of her dreams. To celebrate her impending nuptials, I hosted a wedding shower for her. Because all of our family gatherings include delicious foods, I prepared a few dishes for this special event. I served sausage balls, chicken salad, corn flake candy, wedding cookies, red velvet cake, and citrus punch at the wedding shower. Red velvet cake is my sister’s favorite dessert, so I was the one who baked a tall, moist, and scrumptious one for her. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best treats to serve at events like wedding showers. Enjoy!


Tips For Services That Rely On Glassware

For professional services that handle banquet dinners and other high-end catering, it is important to have the right equipment to be able to provide attendees with a pleasant and impressive experience. To this end, the glassware can be some of the most noticeable and commonly-used pieces of table setting that your guests will need. Here are some tips for making sure that you use your glassware well.

Ensure The Case Of Glassware Is Secured In The Vehicle

When services are preparing equipment to be transported, they are likely to take great care when it comes to loading the glassware into the packaging. However, they may not be as diligent when it comes to securing these containers in the vehicle. This can lead to situations where pieces of the glassware may become damaged or otherwise compromised. When placing these containers in our vehicle, you will want to make sure that it is strapped into position so that it will not be at risk of coming loose and moving around. Also, you will need to avoid stacking heavy items near these containers as they could cause considerable damage to the glassware if they were to fall.

Be Prepared To Lightly Polish The Glassware When You Arrive At The Venue

During the course of packing and unloading the glassware, it is likely that some of the pieces may develop smudge marks on them. To account for this possibility, you should include enough time to allow your workers to lightly polish the glassware before it is set out for guests to use. In addition to allowing enough time for this work, it is also necessary to pack the appropriate rags or other polishing equipment so that your workers will be able to effectively do this. Depending on the number of glasses that got smudged during transport, this entire process may only take a few minutes to complete.

Replace Chipped Or Cracked Glassware As Soon As Possible

If you ever notice that some of the pieces of glassware have developed chips or cracks, you will need to act quickly to replace these items. When these issues are noticed before the glassware is set out, the damaged pieces should be removed prior to the event. In addition to giving individuals a potentially negative impression of your service, these issues could also create safety problems. Depending on the location and the extent of the damage, it could be possible for small pieces of glass to be ingested. Bringing spare glassware will allow you to replace these compromised pieces without having to risk running out of glassware for the guests in attendance.

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